Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Voice Commands on Droid

My cell phone has a good sense of humor. I recently purchased a Droid 2 after much, much pestering from my seventeen year old (now eighteen). Near as I could tell, it was so that he could see the new features on the Droid 2 versus his almost new Droid 1. I am clumsy with the new smart phones--I was very comfortable with my Blackberry w/ a physical keyboard. My new phone has a mind of its own because of my apparently clumsy fingers and it keeps asking me for 'voice commands'. It seems every time that I try to go to the home page, it asks for a voice command. My family has witnessed my clumsiness and cluelessness many times. This evening, with my youngest son and wife sitting in the room, I told my phone to 'go to hell'--it immediately replied in a loud clear voice, 'which short cut'. 

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